Some Updated Guidelines For Quick Strategies For Same Sex Marriage


Other factors like emotional security, acceptance, respect, and love are also equally important. Hence, a denial for the same is clearly a denial to grant a person his/her basic right. There is a possibility of this, so say the opponents of gay marriage. Roughly in the last half century or so, we have seen marriage become more liberal and redefine itself. People who are anti same-sex marriages consider it a threat for the institution of marriage and hence, argue in favour of laws against them. As opposed to traditional marriages, half of which end up in divorce, what wrong would it be if a gay man marries his love. In gay marriages, there is simply no room for procreation, and when we define marriage, it is obviously a manifestation of the desire of couple to have a family, sooner or later, in their married years. It should be the individual's choice to marry someone of his wish.

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Same Sex Marriage

A Further Analysis Of Logical Plans In Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

So, is it the time for change? Commitment comes in many forms.